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Alabama GlasTek offers quality, reliable auto glass replacement and windshield repair services to the communities surrounding Birmingham, Alabama. Each auto glass technician trains continuously to stay up-to-date on all the latest glass styles and vehicle types to ensure a perfect installation every time. Plus, all work is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

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Windshield Calibration Services for ADAS

Windshield calibration in Birmingham, Alabama

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. Some examples of your vehicle's ADAS include Lane Departure Warnings, Blind Spot Detection and Collision Avoidance Warnings and other proximity monitors to name a few.

Why do I need calibration?

ADAS consists of a series of sensors and cameras. Collisions and maintenance to your vehicles, such as replacing a windshield, will cause the positioning of the cameras and sensors to be out of place. In order for these ADAS systems to operate optimally, they will need to be calibrated using special tools and calibration systems.

Choose Alabama Glastek!

Not all auto glass shops have the capability to recalibrate your vehicle's ADAS after a windshield replacment. Alabama Glastek stays informed on the auto industry's cutting edge technology. We can replace your windshield and convenitenly recalibrate your ADAS afterward all in one session!


For A Professional Job - You Need Professional Tools!

During your visit to Alabama GlasTek, be sure to check out our "Parts for Pros" section. In Parts for Pros you will find a variety of glass cleaners, rubber gloves, work gloves, replacement wiper blades, and much more. All cleaners and equipment are made of industrial-strength materials and were developed for professionals in the auto glass industry.

Replacement parts in Parts for Pros, such as wiper blades, come from industry leading suppliers such as Burco, Dynatrol, Equalizer, Flexlive, FYG, Glass Technology, Gold Glass Group, Guardian, LOF, PGW, Pikeknife, Precision, Ultra Wiz, XYG & More!


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On-Site Service

Auto glass services from Alabama GlasTek are available throughout central Alabama including Jefferson County, Shelby County & most of St. Clair County.

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"Alabama GlasTek came out to do my windshield, the man that came out called me to let me know he was on his way, when he arrived he started straight on my car and was done within less than an hour did a wonderful job. Thank you Alabama Glasstek."
Huronda J.
Bessemer, AL